Consolidating Key Relations in Southern Australia

This June, Spraytec embarked on a significant expansion; the introduction of our dedicated team, our company and our product portfolio to key contacts in Southern Australia. Responding to increased interest across the region, Victorian Sales Agronomist Simon Angelino recognised the importance of addressing this demand that was being heavily channelled through the broadacre cropping industry. Ultimately, this prompted a two-week excursion for the team during a critical period of early post-emergent spray applications.

The journey began in Melbourne, with the ensuing week spent reconnecting with previous relations established by Simon over the past months. Following this, the team crossed the Victoria-South Australia border as they journeyed towards the Yorke and Eyre Peninsula’s. During this time, the team focused on introducing and strengthening relations with key contacts across the region. Complimentary to our business relationship developments, a notable highlight was the opportunity to spend a morning with Dr Peter Boutsalis and Dr Sam Kleemann from Plant Science Consulting at the University of Adelaide.

In addition to expanding Spraytec’s global and national footprint into South Australia, the team deepened their understanding of local weather patterns, common weed types, and essential spray variables to consider. This ensured the team was able to tailor relevant product options best suited to the area. All in all, this invaluable trip facilitated the forging of industry relations, strengthening of existing partnerships, acquisition of valuable knowledge on the local cropping systems, and the fostering of team cohesion – all while enjoying the unique scenery and renowned wines of the region!

Our team inspecting the potential Horsham (VIC) site for our canola and wheat trials that are being conducted by trusted research leaders AgXtra.

Strengthening integral contacts in Victoria en route to South Australia

Beginning from Melbourne, the team travelled to Horsham where they established their base for the initial days. It was with great pleasure that the team could meet with a variety of the clients that Simon services, strengthening the positive relations that had been initiated in Victoria’s west. Following on from our recent National Trading Agreement with National Rural Independents (NRI), the team prioritised visiting local NRI stores that were present in the region. Driscoll Ag and McDonald Rural Services were exceptional contacts, both of whom welcomed the team in introducing themselves and our product portfolio. With input from all team members, a detailed overview was provided into the extensive trials that have been conducted over the past 4 years, providing assurance that our products will perform irrespective of the environmental challenges observed in Australia.

The team also held a productive meeting with AgXtra, engaging in discussions concerning forthcoming trials being planned for the region. Among these trials, is an early post-emergent wheat trial designed to assess the efficacy of Velocity®, Precept®, Frequency® and Bromicide 200® herbicide combinations in conjunction with our products Fulltec, Fulltec Max, and TOPZinc Max. Similarly, a canola trial was deliberated, aiming to compare the effectiveness Clethodim 240 in various mixes consisting of Atrazine 900® and Targa® with the inclusion of the same Spraytec products observed in the wheat trial. For comparisons sake, both of these trials will assess the efficacy of a premium oil and ammonium sulphate combination that is widely recommended to partner these applications. Opportunistically, the team was able to visit the weed-filled trial site to assess for potential results and formulate expectations. The findings of these trials will be posted on the “Trials” tab of the website once complete!

Exciting times as our team makes their way over the Victorian border into South Australia.

Representative of Spraytec’s strong cohesion with Delta Ag; formerly David Grays Aglink, in Western Australia, the team initiated contact with prevalent Delta Ag stores as they made their way across the border. This included productive meetings with Agrivision Consultants, and several Cox Rural stores. Recommendations were made into where time and resources should be targeted to fast-track product experience and confidence. The Delta Ag network continues to hold a key focus in our growth intentions, with the team excited at the prospects of future partnerships. Rounding off a productive week, the team had an informative session with Dr Peter Boutsalis and Dr Sam Kleemann at the University of Adelaide. Discussions were held regarding past and future trial collaborations, as well as gaining valuable insights into Plant Science Consulting’s reach, the university’s facilities and ongoing resistance pot trials. Specialising in herbicide resistance testing, no stone was left unturned when explaining the complexities of sustainable and effective weed management.

Overall, an extremely productive week as the team settled into South Australia, enjoying a lengthy Saturday morning spent at the Adelaide Central Market, a scenic drive around McLaren Vale, local wine at the d’Arenburg winery, and a windy evening at Glenelg Beach.

Exploring the productive South Australian Peninsula’s

Fulfilling the requests of several NRI stores was the primary objective in week two, as the team navigated their way across both the Yorke and Eyre Peninsula’s. As a result of Esperance-based Farm and General’s presentation at the NRI Agronomy Conference in early March of this year, demand has escalated for our driver product; Fulltec Max. This presentation detailed quite clearly the effectiveness of Fulltec Max in various summer knockdown glyphosate applications (Crucial® and Growler 450® specifically) in comparison to the current industry standard partners. Across the Peninsula’s, NRI stores such as J&D Southwood, Northern Ag, Cleve Rural, Carr’s Seeds, and Bawden’s Rural Supplies all welcomed the team’s introductions. Interested in the on-farm practicality and potential yield benefits of Fulltec Max, stores accepted demonstration trial product that they will seek to garner their own experience in a series of scenarios – grass selective herbicides in-crop, fungicides, fallow management, summer weed control, just to name a few.

Our National Manager Marcelo del Barro showcasing the capabilities of our product chemistry with our highly visual and effective demonstration kit.

Following recommendations from the Limestone Coast based Cox Rural agronomists, the team continued to generate relations with prominent Cox Rural stores north-west of Adelaide. These contacts will be pivotal in consolidating relations with the Cox Rural brand.

Coinciding with our Delta Ag and NRI focus, the team recognised the importance of other influential retail outlets in the region. Subsequently, meetings were arranged with Combined Rural Traders (CRT) affiliated stores, Lincoln Rural and D&M Rural Bordertown, and Elders owned YP AG. The attraction of coordinating these meetings was due to the high level of commercial independence these stores operate under and their heavy influence and contributions made within their respective areas.

Furthermore, understanding the vital role that independent consultants have had on our growth, the team rounded off the week with the opportunity to meet with George Pedler; an independent agronomist based in Cummins on the Eyre Peninsula. Engaging in general conversation following formal introductions, the team gained a greater understanding into the region, George’s reach, and what makes the local industry tick. The final push of the trip landed the team in Port Lincoln, where Coffin Bay oysters and local seafood were enjoyed prior to returning to Adelaide in time for respective flights back home.

As part of introductory presentations, our team emphasises our commitment to research and development, as well as the highly visual performance characteristics of our products.

Our intentions and what the future holds

Evidently, the goal of the two weeks was to initiate the expansion of Spraytec into South Australia, whilst cementing early relations in western Victoria. As Western Australia’s growth continues exponentially, together with the initial experiences in New South Wales, our extensive national and global trial history, and our uniquely formulated product range, this process is truly underway. This trip proved to be a highly productive experience for the entire Spraytec team, solidifying partnerships and gaining invaluable local insights.

Any questions regarding our product portfolio, trials, or general queries should be directed to Victorian/South Australian Sales Agronomist Simon Angelino.

We look forward to what the future holds for us in Southern Australia!