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Marcelo del Barro

managing director

0457 868 413

“Born in Rosario, Argentina, I’ve been involved in agriculture my whole life. Graduating from the National University of Rosario with a Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Engineering, I’ve acquired skills in consultancy, sales and management. I enjoy visiting farmers, understanding their operation and providing recommendations. Spraytec offered me the opportunity to expand their global presence to the Australian market. Promoting new chemistry has been both challenging and rewarding, and I’m excited to see how we evolve. Outside of work, I enjoy keeping active, playing soccer and padel, and can never say no to an asado with friends.”

Chris Edwards

nsw Sales Agronomist

0472 717 215

“My interest in agriculture flourished from a young age, exposing myself to many sectors within the Australian industry. Studying a Bachelor of Agriculture at the University of New England, I am passionate about expanding my knowledge of all things farming. Through my role as the NSW Sales Agronomist, I aim to explore the crucial interaction that our products will play within Australian agriculture, whilst improving my sales and agronomic skills. I look forward to the challenge of establishing new chemistry within the Australian market. My avocational interests include sports, camping, and socialising with friends.”

Facundo Simon Angelino

Agricultural consultant

0456 769 969

“Graduating as an agronomist from the National University of Cordoba (Argentina), I have a well-rounded background in agribusiness, supply chains, and agricultural systems. Throughout this journey, I’ve acquired solid analytical and strategic business skills, and I’ve developed the mindset required to support farmers and businesses with the implementation of new initiatives. Being part of Spraytec Australia brings me the enormous yet exciting challenge of developing our client relations in Victoria. After work, I enjoy playing sports, outdoor activities, cooking, and sharing moments with friends and family.”

Robert Pattison

WA Sales Agronomist

0400 794 957

“Growing up in Zimbabwe, I developed an interest in agriculture early. Since immigrating, I’ve completed a Honours Degree in Agricultural Science at the University of Western Australia. Currently employed as a Sales Agronomist, I’m encouraged to continue developing my agronomy, management and sales skills. My role allows me to interact with consultants, industry representatives and growers, as well as coordinate trial work. The challenge of introducing new chemistry to the Australian market is unique, and one that continues to motivate me. Away from work, sport is my main outlet, as well as spending valuable time with family and friends.”

Martin Terrestre

WA Sales Agronomist

0409 121 802

“From an early age, agriculture has been my driving passion. With a degree in Agronomy, I’ve gained extensive international experience in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Austria and Mexico. Through diverse roles, I’ve developed skills in administration and management, as well as sales and research. Currently employed as a Sales Agronomist with Spraytec , I plan to embrace the challenges and rewards of engaging with industry stakeholders to continuously enhance both personal and professional growth. My key objective is to share and promote quality chemistry to the Australian market. Beyond work, I enjoy reading, football, and spending time with friends and family.

Jeremy Samson

Research agronomist

0436 686 866

“Science has always been fascinating to me. Coinciding ideally with my interest in agriculture, I completed a specialised agriculture degree at the University of the Philippines. Since immigrating to Australia, I have worked in research and development, managing technical agronomic functions and overseeing solution trials for APVMA registration. Through my role with Spraytec, I am given the opportunity to expand and improve our knowledge base through specialised trial facilitation, complete data analysis and sales team technical assistance. To balance out the demands of work, in my free time I like to play the drums or basketball, learn languages, and spend time with loved ones.”

Gonza Taboada

Operations Manager

(08) 9433 4246

“Born into a farming family in Argentina, my passion for agriculture has been foremost throughout my life. After moving to Australia, I attended the National Institute of Technology in Western Australia, acquiring a diploma in network and systems engineering. I have since gained over a decade of experience across stock inventory, logistics, account systems, and marketing management. My true calling lies in contributing back to agriculture, where I aim to enhance Spraytec’s operational efficiency and optimise performance. Outside of work, I find joy in sports such as kitesurfing and soccer, and cherishing moments spent with loved ones and friends.”

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