Anticipating the agriculture of the future

Our Origins

Since Spraytec’s establishment in 1991, our innovative pulse has not stopped. Our founder, Diego Parodi, shared the vision of creating unique agricultural products to increase productivity and profitability, whilst ensuring  grower convenience and confidence. His vision consisted of developing all-in-one products that were characterised with multiple functions, something that was practically unknown to producers at the time, as he sought to simplify a rapidly-becoming saturated market. Through the development of exclusive formulations that incorporate nutrition, refined application technology and low-use rates, Mr Parodi’s vision was achieved.

A Global Presence

From humble beginnings in Rosario, Argentina, gaining international recognition was always the long-term objective. Through our innovative product range and valued commitment to growers, we managed this. With branches throughout South America, North America, Europe and now Australia, we have guaranteed exposure to the world’s largest agricultural markets. What’s our greatest evidence? Successfully treating over 300 million hectares globally. Looking forward, our mission is to maintain our core values of innovation, integrity and transparency, in consolidating industry relationships.

Our Commitment to Australia

Having arrived on Australian shores in 2019, we adapted our product formulas to suit Australian conditions. We weren’t planning on stopping there. Through partnerships with multiple independent research organisations, we conducted extensive trial work to find solutions for Australian growers. Our ongoing goals are to expand our research and development program, build on our industry networks, and work together as a collective from growers to us as suppliers, in guaranteeing the sustainability of agriculture in Australia.